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To live in a Manhattan apartment, one must be creative above all else. Patience is key. For most of us who migrated to the big city, a house and a yard were the norm. Closets actually had room for all your stuff (shocking, I know) and words like "pantry" and "guest bathroom" were part of your vocabulary. Knowing this when you move, you are willing to let those things go because, quite frankly, it's worth it to be a part of this amazing city. At least I think so. I also understand that there are those who get fed up... we've all had our moments, right? Our kitchen comfortably fits all of one person, and I can't get my closet door open without banging it against our bedside table. Mmm... since my temperature is quickly rising, I'll get to the point. Where oh where will we put Baby S when he/she arrives?

Our one bedroom apartment is approximately 700 square feet, but we are fortunate to have an extra "half" bedroom of sorts. I suspect a wall was put up at one point to divide the bedroom in half. Husband's apartment at first, he lovingly referred to the space as the "den/office." Ah, word play. "Storage for our miscellanious junk" is more like it. Like any reformed pack rat will tell you, it is beyond easy to hold on to things you don't need. Of course, some of the items we do actually use, but at best just once a year (camping equipment and Christmas decorations, for example). As I've grown bigger and bigger, we've begun throwing out, selling on Craigslist and organizing the leftover junk. With a few months to spare, we've moved our remaining items to a storage space at Manhattan Mini Storage.

With the room finally empty, we've started prepping the space for baby. Since we're on a budget, I've tried to re-purpose what I can... we resurrected a bookshelf, and I moved my dresser into the room (using the top as a changing table to conserve space). With new knobs and a fresh coat of paint it's ready to go! Husband painted the walls a neutral yellow despite contesting the fact that yellow is indeed neutral. A dear friend of mine came for a visit and painted a beautiful mural on the wall. As soon as the crib was put together, the room became all too real. It's no longer just a room but a bonified nursery.

All we need now is a baby.

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