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where are you, mary poppins?

We've begun the nanny search... *current emotional state: anxious*

The idea of finding someone to take care of your child as well as you can is overwhelming at best. The list of qualifications is long, but top among them is, of course, someone who is competent, caring & who you can feel completely at ease leaving your child with all day. I always thought the idea of a nanny cam was intrusive, but these days it doesn't seem like such a bad idea...

Simply put, this is probably one of the biggest decisions we'll ever have to make. All of a sudden I feel like such an adult. How did that happen?

Fortunately, in the last week or so, we've had a couple recommendations from friends and work colleagues. I am extremely thankful for that, as the idea of picking someone out of a hat (in this town, the hat is enormous) is a scary thought. We met Nanny A on Tuesday night and really liked her a lot. She walked through the door bringing a breath of fresh air with her. Nanny A was so friendly and engaging, I felt at ease with her from the very beginning of our conversation. Baby S was extra smiley around her so I took that to be a good sign as well. The more we learned about her (mother of 6 grown children, years of nanny experience, etc.) the calmer we got. Her melodic Trinidadian accent is only an added bonus. All in all, it was a very positive introduction and I think we both feel like she will be a good match for our little family.

Knowing all this, however, I still feel like we should meet a couple other people, just so we have something to compare & contrast. Nanny N came over on Wednesday night and I can confidently say we were both lukewarm on her from the start. We plan to meet with one more lady, but I think we are both feeling like Nanny A is already hired. There are still a few nuts and bolts to be figured out... payment, etc. but I hope it will all go smoothly.

While Mary Poppins might only exist on screen, I don't think there's anything wrong with aspiring to find someone just like her!

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Anonymous said...

Go with your gut, girl. Good luck!

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