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With Daddy Day Care officially over (Husband started a new project on 2/15), and Nanny A beginning on March 1st, we decided to call in the reinforcements for Grand Camp 2010. For the less cheesy-minded, that would be... a visit from the grandparents.

That's right...
Two weeks of back to back parents!
All staying in our apartment!
In the middle of winter!

Acknowledging the obvious, Grandmama K might have said it best: "What are you, crazy?"

Week 1 Synopsis:
We are all still here. Check that one off the list... Grandmama K lovingly bestows her advice and childcare wisdom at random and I debate over whether or not I agree. Nanny A and Grandmama K meet and bond over "old school" mommy techniques as I stand by with a blank look on my face. Grandmama K wonders aloud how we can possibly eat so late at night (the witching hour of 8pm) and if that is, perhaps, the reason I'm having a hard time losing that extra layer around my tummy.

That being said... I am happy that Baby S is getting some undivided quality time with her Grandmama, and I love seeing the two of them together. I also enjoy having Grandmama K around, even when she reminds me that it's past 10pm and I really should be heading off to bed.

Week 2 of Oma & Grandpa/Papi/G-Daddy (name still in discussion) currently in progress...

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