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I turned 32 years old yesterday.
Yay Me Day!

Like it or not, turning a year older is a good time for reflection. This past year was obviously a giNORmous one, with the arrival of a little human being to call our own. Whew. Still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm someone's mother. Bizarre. Five months in, this journey called parenthood continues to leave me amazed and overjoyed. It also leaves me overwhelmed, filled with working-mom guilt and fear of everything from SIDS to burning questions like... what if she won't let me put bows in her hair?? Most importantly, though, it fills me with love. Lots and lots of it.

Side note: as a result of this over-abundance of love, Husband was let off easy in the birthday department, as Baby S is a most excellent present (though the Saskia Larraz necklace he gave me was a nice touch).

I've also started this blog. The sort of amazing thing is that I'm actually keeping up with it. I'll be the first to admit that as someone who loves to write, I am truly awful at committing to my ideas in that department. My stories don't have happy endings because I rarely finish them. I either lose interest or motivation or both. The few I have finished are short and to the point. You get the idea. I had considered starting a few different blogs before I actually signed up for this account, and now the ideas are flowing so strongly that I'm not sure I'll remember all of them. It's a nice space to be in after suffering from writer's block for, oh, the last ten years or so.

Perhaps it's the sunny 60 degree weather today, but I am in a pretty great mood. I'm excited about this blog, and for that I have Baby S to thank. It brings to mind a conversation I had with a very good friend a couple of years ago. She was the mother of two at the time (now three!) and we were discussing my "career" (or lack there of, quite frankly). While she may have had her own personal reasons for this, she encouraged me to think of how my life would change with a baby, and the kind of options that might come about because of it. Little did she know, but she was absolutely right.

I'm excited about being a part of the intrepid force that is the mom blogosphere. With spring in the air, I'm looking forward to venturing out with Baby S and discovering more of what NYC has to offer in the kiddie department. In the midst of this, I want to stay true to why I began this blog in the first place. I'll write about what annoys me and which restaurants are a pain in the arse to get in/out of with a stroller. I'll try not to be boring. I'll review shops/products/books/etc. that I find interesting and worth knowing about. The list goes on, and for that, I am thankful.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!! The "me" days are few and far between when you have kids, so I hope you enjoyed it!

ellen said...

Thanks! Yes, I definitely enjoyed going out to dinner and doing a little shopping for myself at lunch... I'll take what I can get these days. :) We had friends babysit who had not seen her in a while, so it worked out well. Hope y'all are doing good! xo

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