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If you live within the five boroughs, chances are your available space is at a premium. And as I've written about in a previous post, you adjust pretty quickly because the payoff is living in New York City. Husband and I still find that worthwhile, and hope Baby S will one day love the city as much as we do. That love (however dysfunctional and sometimes jaded) makes up for oh, a spare bathroom and a couple of walk-in closets.

Geez, how I would love a walk-in closet...

When your space is limited, you must be clever about where you store things. Everything. has. its. place. If just a few things are laying about, all of a sudden the entire apartment looks like a tornado just blew through it. Strange how that happens. When Baby S came along, so did a lot of STUFF. The problem is that most everything we have for her, we use on an almost daily basis.

She has, however, outgrown her baby bath. This is a real shame as it means A) she's getting bigger (sniffle, sniffle) and B) I'm not sure where she goes from here. A plastic bucket in the sink? She's not sitting up yet on her own, so I see that as a potential challenge. I've tried using current bath seat in our tub, but I have to lean over at a precarious angle which, quite frankly, hurts like the dickens. I welcome all suggestions if anyone reading this would like to comment...

When Baby S is a bit bigger, I see the Flexi-bath in our future. Invented by the Danish company, A Real Cool World, here are the basics: it's a hard plastic bathtub with a non-slip bottom that folds up flat. I haven't seen one "in the flesh," so to speak, but from the website, well, it looks pretty darn amazing. The best part, of course, is that it appears to take up hardly any space! Nice. Those Danes are so innovative.

This review says it will be in stores as of December 2009, but I haven't been able to find it on any US websites yet. When the Flexi-Bath becomes more widely available, I'd like to see Baby S splashing around in one... and then I'll store it away easily, in its very own place.


Unknown said...

This is what we used for our little guy, he was also too big for the baby tub very quickly.

Also, this has been a lifesaver for my back:

Anonymous said...

To save my back, I actually got IN the (dry) bathtub, next to the baby tub. It worked for awhile, then, even before the baby can sit since there's a backrest, I put them in a plastic seat that suction-cups to the bottom of the tub.

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