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2 strolls.
3 restaurants.
4 subway rides.

Baby S was quite the social butterfly this weekend.

Amidst our hobnobbing around town, we visited my good friend Claire's apartment on Saturday. She is mom extraordinaire to adorable Toddler C, who will no doubt have her mummy's fashion sense as she was decked out in a stylin' dress for spring and a pair of truly fab sunglasses.

While we caught up, Baby S checked out C's "big girl" room, had some lunch and took a snooze. Claire has a beautiful kitchen, and we decided to take advantage of it by cooking a recipe from Annabel Karmel's "Top 100 Finger Foods." *I received this book recently and was excited to try it out on a toddler. Annabel is from England, and a best-selling author of 17 baby & children's books on food and nutrition. According to Claire (who also happens to be British), she's quite popular in the UK.

We decided to make parmesan chicken strips, as C is a big fan of chicken fingers. I must admit I stood on the sidelines while Claire did the actual cooking, but it seemed very easy. The recipe is made from 4 simple ingredients and can be found here. While the cookbook says the preparations take 15 minutes, I'd say Claire had the chicken cut, coated and in the oven in 10 minutes flat (side note: we baked instead of broiled). End result? While I wasn't there to watch C have them for dinner that night, Claire reported that she was a big fan. She ended up adding a little pasta and marinara sauce to the strips, but they are tasty on their own as well. After looking at the cookbook more thoroughly, Claire plans to try out several other recipes. She thinks they are a bit different from the average fare, simple to make, and most importantly, healthy.

*On the topic of food, I've also been perusing Annabel's "Top 100 Baby Purees." Baby S is venturing into the world of solid foods, so I'm curious to try out some of her recipes (will report on this as we go along). We tried some mashed avocado over the weekend with limited results. Translation: more green on her bib than in her mouth. As they say, baby steps...

*In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given both books by Annabel's US public relations agency, Tractenberg & Co. As always, my opinion only...


Unknown said...

My little guy loved fresh butternut or acorn squash! I would bake it, then puree it :) he eventually liked avocado also it just took a little longer- I think the squash is a bigger instant hit because it is very sweet to their sensitive palate :)

ellen said...

Good tip, Melissa... thanks! The adventure continues... :)

AKat said...

Hi, Ellen! My husband and I are moving to CT and I KNOW we'll be making trips into NYC! How fun! I'll email you when we're up there!

ellen said...

Where will you be living in CT? So exciting, and I wish you good luck in the moving process. I love your Project 52 idea... now to motivate so I can join in the fun! Definitely email me when you get up here!

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