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a brief hiatus

Well, I survived my flights with Baby S.  Synopsis in brief?  Not terrible, though far from a picnic.  As in another solar system far, FAR away. 

With Baby S in my Belle carrier, I hauled over-packed suitcase on train to Newark... as I repeatedly told myself Michelle Obama arms were in my future.  Once said over-packed suitcase was out of my hands (take my $25, Continental, fine by me!), I skipped over to the security line, by far my most favorite part of any flying experience.  Off came carrier, jacket, sweater, shoes.  Into my mouth came ticket as I jostled Baby S back and forth.  Why yes, of course, we set off the alarm, though I still have no idea how or why that happened.  A mere 45 minutes later, after we were shuttled in an airport bus to a different terminal (no idea why on that one, either) and switched seats with another passenger so we could have 2 air masks, we sat down.  Baby S promptly fell asleep and I then remembered to breathe.

Actual time off with Baby S was lovely.  We visited Grandpapa & Grandmama K in the deep South and Baby S met her extended family and my childhood friends who have their own families now.  She watched me eat grits.  She got her first mosquito bite.  Azalea bushes make up the backdrop of our photos.  It was nice to be home and introduce the Little One to where some of her roots began.

A quick sidebar: I know that some people think it's beyond crazy that we continue to live in NYC with a baby, but I have to say, leaning over to get your baby in and out of a car seat 25 times a day (yeah, yeah, I'm exaggerating) is beyond exhausting.  Just had to put that out there.

We ended our southern tour in NC at my (gasp) ten year college reunion.  I found it simultaneously bizarre and comforting to walk around with Baby S, as she met some of my oldest friends for the first time.  While the Grandparents K babysat, the weekend itself ticked by faster than I would have liked.  Still, it was great to see everyone and re-connect face to face.  To get up on stage with the band.  To for some still unknown reason order a mimosa at 11pm.  To laugh at each other as only old friends can.

As much as I tried to avoid a tearful goodbye at the airport, it happened yet again.  Was made a bit easier, though, as the Grandparents K nearly forgot to say goodbye to me, they were so upset about leaving Baby S.  I promised not to take it personally.  We headed back to Newark only to (you guessed it) set off the security alarm once again.  This time they padded down Baby S as well.  A suspicious one, that gal.

I dare say Husband was pretty excited to have us home again.  And we were pretty happy, too.

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liz said...

I hear ya on the security line thing! I'm always sweating by the time we get through.

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