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in the spirit of spring...

... and warmer weather coming (it is coming, right?) I felt compelled to play around with a fresh blog background, thanks to the new & improved template designer on Blogger, which you read more about here.  You like?  What can I say, it makes me smile.

Switching gears (though the smile remains), I just watched the trailer for "Babies," a new documentary which profiles four little ones in the first year of their lives, in four very different locations: Namibia, Japan, Mongolia and the United States (check it out here).  Okay, so I burst into tears twice while watching.  What can I say, I'm a new mom, babies make me happy.  Prepare yourself for perma-grin.

I've found conflicting release date information on the web... appears it will be in theaters by the middle of next month, at any rate.


Lindsay Wells said...

I like the new background! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to see the movie, but don't know with whom. Hubbie wouldn't be caught dead seeing it.

liz said...

Isn't improving your blog, addicting? I just added a 3rd row in Blogger, changed my background and now am messing with social networking buttons.

Like the vibrant colors!


Unknown said...

Following from MBC

Hope you will do the same: &

Follow me on Twitter @bridget3420 and I will do the same

Sherri Phillips said...

Love the background, and I'm eager to see the movie --- and you! It's been way too long.

Katie Lee said...

I love this documentary! I would watch it again, which is not typical for me.

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