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i'd like to thank the academy...

So there's an award floating around the blogosphere, and somehow it's landed on my doorstep. Hurrah! Thanks to Alexia over at Los Angeles Mamma, who graciously passed the "Honest Scrap" award on to me after receiving it herself. Hmm... I would not describe myself as "scrappy," but then again, ten years of living in NYC has toughened me up a little bit.

Sidebar: Now that I have "scrappy" on the brain, I can't help but think of little orphan Annie. It also means I can't help but sing a few bars of "Tomorrow" for all the world to hear under my breath. EEK.

According to Alexia, in accepting this award, I must reveal 10 honest things about myself (double EEK) in addition to passing the award on to 10 of my favorite bloggers (infinitely easier). So with that said...

Ten (hopefully) Mildly Entertaining Things About Moi:
1- I always wanted to live in NYC. I mean, my Barbie townhouse* was in Manhattan, for crying out loud.
*Vision of NYC was a bit different at age five. Namely, I do not live in anything remotely like a townhouse. Kudos to my vibrant imagination, however.

2- I wanted to be a fashion designer* when I was little.
*If you could see my closet now you would understand how comical this is.

3- I was one of 23 people in my high school* graduating class.
*I was also thrilled to get the h*ll out of there.

4- I went to Salem College, the oldest's women's college* in the US.
*Spent the majority of 4 years in sweatpants. This will come as a surprise, but men were not lining up at my doorstep.

5- My first job in NYC was as a Page at CBS News*. I went on to work at 48 Hours for 3 years.
*I met a lot of my closest NYC friends at CBS, and a certain person who would eventually own the title of Husband.

6- Wedding planning* was not nearly as much fun as I thought it would be.
*Thankfully the end result was more than worthwhile.

7- Husband and I honeymooned on safari* in Tanzania, then spent a few days on the beach in Zanzibar. Trip. of. a. lifetime.
*Favorite animals: lions & giraffes. And the baby elephant we saw with his momma. Awww....

8- My grandmother* lived to be 103.
*She was pretty awesome. Husband interviewed her for a documentary he made about her life, and it's a treasure for our family.

9- I'm going to be an auntie*!
*Super excited that Baby S is going to have a friend to play with when we go home for Christmas.

10- Baby S* came along and now I can't fathom life without her.
*LOVE. 'Nuff said.

Here are 10 Bloggers that I could read all day long:

1- My Mom Shops
2- Momma's Gone City
3- The TomKat Studio
4- Los Angeles Mamma Blog
5- Boots & Totty
6- Design Mom
7- Ivy League Insecurities
8- The Wannabe WAHM
9- Making it Lovely
10- How About Orange

Happy Friday!

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Alexia said...

Aw. Glad you got around to this. I enjoyed reading these tid bits about you. I used to live in NYC and I miss it madly. I love LA though. :)

Thanks for liking my blog back!

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