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review: - part 1

The kind folks at Blurb have given me the opportunity to create a book of my choosing, and in turn, tell you all about it. I'm pretty excited about their offer (thanks in advance, Blurb!) yet slightly overwhelmed... I know I want to make a book of photos, but which should I choose and what should be the theme? Perhaps one of our recent trip to Nantucket? Or just a general book of Baby S pictures (to delight and excite her legion of fans that happen to pass by our coffee table)? It's a tough -- but fun -- decision. We've always made our photo books using Apple iPhoto, so I am curious to compare & contrast the two.

I should mention that creating a photo collection is just 1 of the many kinds of books you can make using Blurb's software. Other options: professional portfolios, blog entry books (hmm...), children's literature, cookbooks, yearbooks -- to name a few.

After much thought, I've finally decided on my "theme" and have begun the process of putting my book together. Okay, I've downloaded the software (super easy, even for this technophobe) and popped in a few photos... which I expect to change about a dozen times before I send this baby to print. BUT -- I'm excited.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my Blurb review, and in the meantime, check out their website for ideas. We ALL have something worth documenting in our lives!

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