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Today I'm excited to feature a guest post by Carla Sullivan, founder of MiniMunchers. This informative website is the first to list and rate all NYC restaurants that feature menus for children. So genius! I will be doing a Guest Muncher review in the coming months and am excited to contribute to this valuable resource for NYC families. If there's one thing I know, it's that we all like going out to eat. A lot. MiniMunchers helps take the guesswork out of what to order the kiddies.

As a mom of two, I know first hand how difficult it is to come by healthy restaurants that cater to children. Many experts will advise parents to order off the adult’s menu for tots when eating out to avoid fried/starchy foods (i.e. chicken nuggets, French fries, grilled cheese), which can get pricy (not to mention a little difficult for kiddies who are used to crayons and ketchup with restaurant dining). But MiniMunchers has uncovered a few great spots in the city with dedicated children’s menus that are sure to please both parents and kids alike!

1. Moomah - A great spot to bring your tot in TriBeCa. Not only is the extensive menu local, seasonal AND organic (with dairy-free and gluten-free choices) but kids are encouraged to play while they eat with incredibly beautiful and engrossing (yeah) art projects! If you visit on Friday or Saturday the back room (“Funky Forest”) is open for kids to run around and explore!

2. Candle Cafe - Leave your stroller at home (or bring a collapsible) when visiting this UES, organic, vegetarian mecca. This jewel-box restaurant has one of the most extensive organic menus (kids and adults) in the City. The children’s menu has everything from pizza margarita (with tapioca cheese) to seitan skewers. Ask your server if you have any questions - they keep a book at the counter with every menu items ingredients listed and described in detail.

3. Counter - When in the LES of Manhattan, Counter is a great healthy alternative for families. Not only are they a vegetarian Bistro, but they serve organic wine and martinis. The children’s menu features the standards – but with a twist – Tofu Nuggets, Grilled Cheese (with vegan cheddar) – and some info on famous vegetarians; Susan B. Anthony, Albert Einstein and Mahatma Gandhi.

4. Fig & Olive - Midtown West Location only - Ok, so they only have a kids menu at brunch on weekends – but the best part about the menu (for us moms with little ones) is that they have Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food. So NICE to not have to schlep food for baby!

Visit MiniMunchers for the complete children's menus of these great restaurants and many more!


Unknown said...

What a great resource! It is so hard to take a toddler and find foods you want him to eat.

Found you on Mom Loop!

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog look!! Great design!!

Tiffany's Toy Box said...

So tired of going to restaurants and finding the menu to not be kid-friendly. MiniMunchers sounds like it totally relieves that drama!! Thanks!

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