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review: shutterfly holiday collection

I think most of us would admit to feeling stressed at some point during the holiday season. From navigating through frenzied shoppers & deciding what gifts to purchase, to seeing the days slip by, knowing there's so much left to do.... sufficed to say, December can get downright nutty. Thank goodness for spiked egg nog.

There is a moment when the hectic pace & craziness of the season slips away, though. For me, it's collecting the mail each night. I absolutely love to receive holiday cards.  I adore seeing how the children of family & friends have grown, reading the yearly recaps and checking out the different card designs, from classic to modern.  Each card is then placed on our refrigerator or mantle to enjoy for an even longer amount of time. In my opinion, holiday cards bring out the essence of what the season is really about -- joy, love, hope, friends, family.

I also love to SEND Christmas cards. With nearly every photo I take of Baby S, I think to myself.... will this be the one? Will this be the perfect shot? "The one," of course, is the photo that will be placed on our card. Sure, I might be slightly crazed (see above) but what can I say, I love picking out that special picture and the perfect card to send to friends & family.

Shutterfly is making my life easier this year.  We have used their service before to make albums and create prints, but who knew they had such a wide array of cards to choose from?  The only problem I see thus far is deciding which one to pick... here are a few of my favorites:

So classic...

Perfect for the NYC family!

And if I can't decide on just one picture...

Oh, decisions, decisions.  But, at least these are FUN decisions, like choosing between chocolate-covered pretzels and peppermint bark.  Not whether it's a shirt or tie for dad this year.

*Right now, Shutterfly is offering free shipping on orders over $30.  Happy card shopping!

This post is part of a series sponsored by Shutterfly.


Sonja said...

I vote for the NYC one for you. Perfect!

Christina Simon said...

I love holiday cards too! I'm really into collecting family photos so we have great memories.

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