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Highlighting 2 books by the talented Christoph Niemann this week--


Mr. Niemann, an illustrator and children's book author, was inspired to create Subway after writing a comical blog post for the New York Times, regarding his sons love of the NYC subway system (The two happiest words Arthur and Gustav can hope to hear are “service changes”).  His children's sheer delight over mass transit got me to thinking about the first time I griped about the subway.  In fact, I'm guilty of this on a weekly basis.  If only we could all share the excitement and wonder of a child, right?  Niemann's illustrations bring the underground system to life for children and adults alike.

I Lego N.Y.

In this book, Niemann creates a "playful homage to New York" with the help of Legos.  I have to say this book is as much fun for adults as it is for kids-- I just love viewing his version of the Big Apple through colorful plastic Lego bricks.  In fact, one page made me laugh out loud, as it brought to mind our return trip home after Christmas, waiting for hours- literally, HOURS - to get inside the Holland Tunnel from New Jersey.  From Starbucks to taxi cabs, Niemann recreates the things we love and loathe about NYC with a sense of humor and creativity.  I look forward to what he'll come up with next! 


Yakini said...

Aww, I love the idea of the book "Subway." What a perfect gift for a NYC baby/child. Must remember to pick this up for Chase! :-)

PhotoStory Collections said...

I LOVE all things Lego so I'll definitely check out that book. Great reads, thanks

ellen said...

These really are the perfect books for an NYC kid. And I have to say, the Lego one could even be a coffee table book!

Unknown said...

i love nyc books too and dont know either of these, excited to check them out. my kids are just getting to lego-loving ages.

i am a big fan of up and down new york - do you know that book?

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