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review: north american bear co.

Toddler S doesn't realize there's a new baby coming her way in a few short months. I'm beyond curious as to what her reaction will be to the little he or she when they meet for the first time. Will she envelop the cutie pie in hugs & kisses like I hope, or check he/she out for a passing moment & then ask for Elmo?  I expect it will be somewhere in between, which honestly, is just fine.  My goodness, the child won't even be two yet, let's cut her some slack. Which begs the question... what exactly did I get myself into again??! 

But I digress...

The gracious folks at the North American Bear Company are helping Toddler S prepare. Recently, I received an adorable Rosy Cheeks Baby Blonde Girl & a Rosy Cheeks Baby Bassinette from the company, & I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed watching her play with each toy.  Rosy Cheeks doesn't have a name yet other than "baby," but just hearing her say that word makes me sniffle. I'm kind of partial to Rosie for her name, so we'll stick to that for the purposes of this post. 
Rosie is soft & sweet & looks as though she's just home from the hospital - in fact her hospital bracelet is still attached with space available for you to write the baby's name (a nice touch). Toddler S loves to squeeze her tight & recently, has taken to feeding her Goldfish & helping her sip milk from her cup (translation: milk everywhere). As a result, Rosie has already been washed & luckily, came out looking good as new. 
The flowery bassinet where Rosie sleeps is an adorable accompaniment. The straps are long enough that Toddler S likes tucking her in, carrying her around, & will even wear it like a backpack. This is simultaniously cute and scary -- we hope she does not try this with her baby brother or sister in a few months.

I must admit I was not aware of the North American Bear Company before they reached out to me, but I'm so glad they did.  The site is FULL of adorable items for your child, from dress up capes & tutus for older children, to adorable lovies & dolls for the younger set. They are a great resource for new baby gifts, too (this froggy blanket is too cute), & their products are affordable to boot.

Clearly, we have a happy customer below... big sister in training! 

As mentioned, I did receive products from the company for review on this blog, but all opinions expressed herein are my own.

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Sonja said...

She's going to LOVE her new baby brother or sister!

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