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biggest baby shower... ever!

I am thrilled to be attending tomorrow evening's "Biggest Baby Shower Ever," hosted by Big City Moms and Held at the Intercontinental Barclay Hotel, this event, sufficed to say, is not your average baby shower. Perhaps it's better to visualize:

Over 65 of the best baby companies present to demonstrate their products
Giveaway opportunities galore
Seminar speakers from Ali Wing to Dr. Bill Sears
A roomful of pregnant women sipping mocktinis
One would assume food, given the hunger level of ladies in attendance
A gift bag worthy of happy tears, including an Aprica stroller

What you have, my friends, is about as close to sheer excitement as any pregnant woman gets these days (I'm speaking from experience). The event is currently sold out, however you can be put on a wait list for a standard pass.  See more information on that here.  Stay tuned for an after-party synopsis -- no doubt the only time in 9 months that a pregnant woman utters the words after-party.

A few photos from last year's Biggest Baby Shower Ever, courtesy of Big City Moms:


Sonja said...

That must be so cute - all those pregnant women in one place!

Alicia said...

Did you have a great time?!

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