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preparing the perfect nursery

I had the pleasure of participating in another Momversation video last month on preparing the perfect nursery. I wanted to offer a few additional thoughts on the subject, and I welcome any other suggestions you might have, too. My girls' room (part nursery/part toddler destruction zone) is an ongoing project, but I've had so much fun picking out the color scheme, Big Girl Bed quilt and bedding, etc. thus far. I have storage issues galore, but I'm saving that for another post coming up.

Anyway, we touch on it in the video, but I really don't feel like you have to go overboard with your baby's nursery. Generally, I feel like less is more, and I think that translates to interior decorating, too. As I mention in the video, I put my old dresser in the baby's room, and it's worked out really well.  I painted it over and we have changing pad on top, with room for diaper caddy and a few other misc. items.

I love the idea of putting a few sentimental items in the room as well. In our first nursery, I had my silver baby cup sitting on a bookshelf alongside a pair of Husband's baby shoes that his mother had dipped in copper. Pretty neat. The walls were painted a light yellow (we kept the first little gal's sex a surprise), but with an added bonus: my dear friend from childhood, a very talented artist and mama to three little gals, flew up to NYC and painted a gorgeous mural on the wall of a tree and a few birds. Perfectly lovely, and it made a tiny room (and former "office/junk storage/man cave") a really special place to be.

Well, that and the cute little baby living there. :)

Our first nursery:


Sonja said...

Another cute interview! You forgot to mention the added challenges you had creating a nursery in such a small NY apartment space!

Mya Maternity said...

I agree. Sometimes it is best to keep things simple and add a few sentimental things. Being creative is key to keeping the cost down.

Ro said...

I absolutely love the tree mural. What a great idea!

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