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day at the museum

I will be the first to admit I'm a little bit addicted to my phone, which is funny as I've never been a big phone talker (I much prefer chatting face to face, if possible). No, I love my phone for all the other communication goodies it possesses... like being able to check my email, Facebook and Twitter accounts from anywhere. Having internet capability makes it so easy to look up any information I need, especially if I'm out and about and need to look up an address or find a store's website.

Most of all, though, I love taking pictures at a moment's notice. With two little kiddies at home, I'm constantly using my phone for its camera capability. It is SO easy to grab and start snapping photos, and the picture quality is surprisingly good. Nothing is easier and more convenient to use when we're out on the town, as seen in the photos below, on a recent trip to the American Museum of Natural History (Toddler S is knee deep in the dinosaur phase right now). I'm currently obsessed with the photo filter program Instagram, which is another handy dandy reason for taking pictures on my phone (I'm using the "Nashville" filter below).

During the work week, when I can steal a moment or two to myself, I love to look at the photos I've taken on my phone.  As I scroll through, each one brings up a different memory and a quick smile that I'm usually in need of at that moment. Basically, there's a chronicle of my life ready to be perused whenever I like, and really, how special is that? Enjoy!

Headed downtown...

We're here!

Paleontologist in training? The Discovery Room is awesome for budding naturalists

Dinosaur Train is great, but nothing beats holding a dinosaur bone (well, bone reproduction) 


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Sonja said...

Love hands-on museums for kids. Always so fun!

Barbie // Little Skyline said...

My little guy LOVES the Museum of Natural History. Total dino stage here as well!

Your little ones are such cuties!

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