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We all want those perfect family photos, right? The ones where each child smiles adoringly, their cherub-like faces glistening sweetly in the sun with nary a trace of dirt in sight or hair out of place (looking lovingly at their parents is an added bonus). Because that actually exists, right? We have some wonderful photos of our cuties, don't get me wrong. I love snapping away and playing with Instagram (come find me!), but I enjoy letting a professional take over every now and again.

I was so pleased to meet Katie Marquart, a NYC photographer who specializes in lifestyle portraiture that truly encompasses it all -- from engagement sessions like this one to maternity and families (I challenge you not to sniffle a bit at these precious photos!) Originally from Wisconsin, this Midwest gal and her husband made their way to Manhattan's Upper West Side a few years ago, and have fallen in love with the city in the process. Katie's enthusiasm for NYC and its landmarks seeps through in her photography -- I love this family session on The Highline and in the Meatpacking District. Adorable! Katie's subjects shine as well as their surroundings.

Katie's background in childhood education is a real asset when photographing children. When we met with Katie last month in Fort Tryon Park (just up the street from Casa Baby Meets City), Toddler S was, shall we say, acting like a 2.5 year old. And not in a cute/fun way. On top of which I, with my stellar mothering skills, had forgotten to pack water. As the morning grew increasingly warmer, the Little Gal's mood went from grouchy to less than pleasant. Oh, and she's going through a "don't take my picture" phase. Great timing! Thank goodness for Katie -- she was funny, engaging and gentle with the girls. She got on their level and connected with them, snapping a few lovely photos in the process.

I'm not sure if "perfect" really exists, but these come pretty close. Here are some of my favorites. Thanks for a wonderful session, Katie!


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Sonja said...

They are GORGEOUS! But of course, so is your family, so how could she go wrong?

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