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fall is beautiful. fall in nyc... spectacular.

We spent an absolutely perfect fall day in Central Park on Saturday. The weather could not have been better and the autumn colors balanced by the city skyline... seriously beautiful. No question about it, this was an "I love NYC" day (which is good, as I've been having quite a few "I hate NYC" days lately...)

First, we stopped by Belvedere Castle (Millie looked for dragons and princesses to no avail). Next up, a meander through The Ramble (it's impossible not to get turned around in there, but what a beautiful spot to get lost for a little while) and finally, we landed at Loeb Boathouse for a ride on the lake. SO happy we did this (you can find out more about row boating in Central Park here).

Lastly, I have to mention that I had the surprise of my life as we were waiting in line. I was approached by 2 actual FANS of this ol' blog (they also follow me on Instagram). Ummm... after I picked myself up off the ground, I had the best time chatting with Isabel and Kazmira. Never in my life did I think something like that would happen, but it truly made my day/week/month. Thanks, ladies!

In the meantime, happy FALL.

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