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so long crib... hello big girl bed

We said goodbye to Vivian's crib this week, and I must admit it made me sniffle a little bit. A brand new two year old, it was time for her to transition to a twin bed (past time... Millie was already in hers at this age), but if I'm being honest with myself, I think I've moved slower with her because I'd like to believe she's still my little baby. Waah! Like it or not, this baby girl is growing up. 

Photos to come once bedding for her new "big girl" bed arrives... in the meantime, so long, crib. Thanks for helping my babies sleep so well. XOXO

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PhotoStory Collections said...

Every stage we go through that makes me see Chunks as a big boy makes me teary eyed...aww can't wait to see how she likes the big girl bed.

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