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review: wearing clothes by wearhop

Of the many realizations that come with having children, here's one that I don't love so much: the girls are constantly outgrowing their clothes, often times before they've had a chance to wear them more than a few times. Agh! So frustrating. And when it comes to "special occasion" attire, items you know they won't wear that often, I hate to spend a lot of money. Call me thrifty... I'm okay with that.

As a result, I was so happy to come across Wearhop, a children's clothing rental service (think Netflix and Rent the Runway), which offers you top quality brands like Mini Boden, Lily Pulitzer and Janie and Jack at majorly reduced prices. Conceived and operated by a mom who was tired of seeing her daughter's clothes go to storage after only being worn a few times, I love the concept of Wearhop. You can rent clothes for up to 6 months in new or "like new" condition, with the option to buy if you so desire (see more details here). If not, send back in a pre-paid envelope provided when your clothes arrive. It's as simple as that!

Here's where I think Wearhop is particularly useful -- special occasion and outerwear. The most expensive clothes that your child will wear the least! Millie needed an outfit for her birthday party as well as a fall jacket. I selected an adorable Mini Boden dress and Hannah Andersson jacket, perfect for fall temps. Now, in our case, Millie can pass clothes down to Vivian, so it's probably a better service for Viv (I selected an adorable Mini boden dress for her as well, along with this Tea Collection sweater for fall).

I just love to support mom-owned businesses -- this one was too good not to share. Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I was provided with a credit to try out Wearhop. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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