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big apple books: arnold's green adventure

Arnold's Green Adventure
by Jennifer Cantelmi

It has been FAR, far too long since I've added a new Big Apple book to my ongoing list of NYC-themed children's books. BOO. Thank goodness for Arnold's Green Adventure to get me inspired and jumpstarted again! Written and illustrated by Jennifer Cantelmi, a NYC-based writer, artist and teacher, this tale centers around Arnold, a little bird who lives with his family in Times Square. While he enjoys the bright lights of Broadway, he grows wistful for nature and greenery, and goes on a grand quest to find a new home. Eventually, this journey leads him to The Highline, one of the greenest places in Manhattan. Arnold couldn't have found a better home, and this book so sweetly and whimsically details his adventure. The illustrations really capture the hustle and bustle of the city and the abundance of nature that can be found atop The Highline. Delightful read!

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