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playtex beginnings imagined campaign

I'm excited to help spread the word about Playtex's Beginnings Imagined campaign. Celebrating the unique journey each child takes as they set forth in the world, Playtex wants to give you a chance at a customized drawing by children's book illustrator Julie Olson, as well as $5,000 college scholarship for your child. Amazing! 

In case you'd like to see an example of Olson's work, here's a drawing she did of Millie and Vivian. I'm in love with it! Based on the questions I answered about the girls she was able to write a little bit about them. I love when brands that I know and trust give back with a contest as meaningful as this one (and with the cost of college skyrocketing every year, well, every dollar helps...)

Running now through July 1, 2014, parents are invited to visit the campaign website where they will be asked to answer a few short questions about their child and submit an image for their chance to win a custom illustration. Then, all illustration winners will be entered for a grand prize drawing of a $5,000 scholarship. 

"No two babies are alike and we want to celebrate each child's individuality," said Marci Serbonich, Playtex Infant Care Senior Brand Manager. "With our Beginnings Imagined program, we want to capture each child's unique beginning with a one of a kind illustration."

For more information about the campaign and Playtex Baby Products, check out the Playtex on Facebook or via their website

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