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Hopping Along with Your ABC's & 123's

It's an exciting time to be five years old. Millie is learning SO much in kindergarten, and the best part is she's loving every minute of it. Homework comes home each week, and though it's optional, she can't wait to see her assignments (I told her this excitement may fade over the years; she disagrees). I realize we're experiencing a special time in her development... as questions fly left and right and her mind expands by the day.

It's a good time to be five.

As a result, I like to throw in educational games amidst everything else she's into these days... dressing up, coloring, playing with her doll house, etc., and I've found School Specialty to be a great resource. Do you know the site? Though primarily geared towards teachers and schools, anyone can purchase their educational products... AND note to self; they have a fantastic selection of games and toys for all ages!

We received the Crocodile Hop Floor Mat Game recently, and Millie's been having a lot of fun with it. Vivian, too! In the vein of hop scotch, players must hop along the mat in an attempt to get to the finish line without being "eaten" by a crocodile. One option is to hop on numbers in the correct numerical order, another is to only step on colors... and another on shapes. Geared towards ages 3 and up (and retailing at $33.99), I love that with one game, there are actually a handful of different ways to play! Not only does that keep your child interested, but it also makes the price very reasonable.

Crocodile Hop also comes with playing cards and two inflatable dice for even more ways to play. When it's packed back in the box it came in, I can store easily, and I've already decided that when the girls are older I can do one very exciting thing with the game - donate it to their school!

If you're looking for educational resources and games this holiday season, keep School Specialty in mind. In the meantime, we're going to try and avoid getting eaten by this crocodile.

Disclaimer: Compensation for this sponsored review was provided by KidzVuz. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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