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Review: Cirque Ziva at The New Victory

Yesterday we got a chance to check out The Golden Dragon Acrobats performance of "Cirque Ziva" at The New Victory Theater. In a word: WOWZA!

Hailing from Hebei Province, China (and performing at The New Victory until January 4th, 2015), each stunt truly took our breath away. The girls sat transfixed (actually, so did we) while acrobats balanced champagne flutes on their heads, jumped through hoops, climbed on a tower of chairs, juggled basketballs, tables and performed an endless amount of jumps and flips, all while keeping a smile on their face. Remarkable show! It was a great fit for our entire family (sometimes it's hard to find something everyone will enjoy watching... ie, the parents) and a fun alternative to holiday-themed outings this month.

These cups were full of water, by the way!
A good reminder that the human body is capable of so many things (well, not my body...) 
More than any other stunt, this one just looked really fun to me... like I could actually attempt it (HA!)
Since 1995, The New Victory has been a destination for some of the most innovative and artistic performances from around the world... a "cultural home" for NYC children. The theater itself is quite beautiful, yet feels more intimate than other Broadway destinations, making it the perfect place for children to experience live theater. I love that there is locker space downstairs to store coats, etc. during the show, AND the fact that you can pre-order intermission snacks, thus avoiding a long line. As a side note, I was impressed by the super affordable snack menu.

My little acrobats had a great time at Cirque Ziva (they performed two "circus shows" after we got home, in fact). Your family will, too -- highly recommend!

Disclosure: Tickets to the show were complimentary. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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