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How to Make a Flying Potion

As reported by Millie, age 5.


Apple sauce
Apple juice
Mint tea

Place a tablespoon of each ingredient into an empty wine bottle (perhaps she just knew there'd be one of those in the apt...) and mix together. Let sit for an undetermined amount of time. Then, place a small amount on each elbow. Next step: FLY.

Oh, I do love this age... filled with so much wonder and imagination... believing in everything from flying potions to Santa to the Tooth Fairy (though she does draw the line at the Sand Man). Excitement over every snow flake, clean blankets out of the dryer, making her bed and "organizing" her stuffed animals. Being completely color blind and oblivious to the often insane world we live in. Wanting to fly more than anything in this world, ready to concoct another potion at a moment's notice.

Sure, it comes with some not so fun parts (whining & picky eating for starters), but fabulous five has been a lot of fun so far.

I'd like just a little bit of her wonder... wouldn't you?

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