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Not Scrubbing My Bath Tub = Pure Joy with HomeJoy

As the old saying goes, there's a first time for everything. Well, last week, I had my apartment professionally cleaned for the first time. And as the other old saying goes (and I may be paraphrasing here), "What the heck was I waiting for?!"
As part of Homejoy's #MoreSpring campaign, I was able to try out the cleaning service for 2.5 hours. From start to finish, the process was seamless and easy. While booking online, I was able to describe my home and exactly what I'd like cleaned beforehand. On the morning of the cleaning, Homejoy was in touch via text with the cleaning person's name and phone number, in case I needed to reach her for some reason. Then, they followed up via text afterwards to make sure I was pleased with my experience. Yay for unobtrusive customer service!
Any reservation I had about welcoming a stranger into my home was put immediately at ease when I met Homejoy's cleaning professional. She was courteous and ready to get to work as soon as she arrived. And thank goodness for that. I've thought about having the apartment cleaned in the past, but never felt completely comfortable with the idea, as strange as that sounds. So happy I got over it, because my clean bath tub is still sparkling!

Now, on to the exciting part. Homejoy is just as happy as we are that spring has FINALLY arrived, and they'd like to celebrate by giving YOU a $25 discount on your very own Homejoy cleaning experience. All you have to do is make your appointment through the link below and the $25 will automatically be deducted from your final payment:

[Please note: the code will only be applicable for two weeks, starting on the date of this post.]

How about worrying less about dust and getting outside to experience this gorgeous new season? I'm pretty sure it takes a village to clean my apartment, and am so glad I had a little help, just in time for spring cleaning.

Disclosure: I received payment and services from Homejoy for this review. All opinions herein are my own.

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