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Big Apple Books: Star Sisters & the Best Seller

I've really enjoyed seeing the progression of Millie's reading this year, and the types of books she likes being read to at bedtime. And while it might make me a little sad that she rarely requests Goodnight Moon or The Napping House anymore, I love the fact that she still gets excited about reading books at night -- and I hope that will always continue. These days, we've progressed to short chapter books, which she just LOVES, mostly because I think it solidifies her almost 5 1/2 year old "big girl" status.
Speaking of which, we're so excited to have discovered the Star Sisters! Written by Jennifer Blecher, the series takes best friends Coco & Lucy on a variety of adventures after they discover two magical necklaces. In Star Sisters and the Best Seller, their adventure brings them to NYC, which was all the more fun. Along every stop the girls make in the book (the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, etc), Millie would say "I've been there! or "Hey, I know that place!" I love that Blecher was able to replicate the magic of NYC from a child's perspective. 
In the adventures that follow (there are 4 books thus far in the series), the Star Sisters are along for an extraordinary ride, all with the goal of helping those they meet along the way. I highly recommend!

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