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A Daddy/Daughter Day with Ticketmaster

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While we love doing things together as a family (and ever so often, on our own!), the girls are really getting to the age where they value their one on one time with us. In the midst of our busy lives, a day of undivided attention is a real treat, and we enjoy it as much as they do. Husband takes each of the girls on a special day with him once a month, and while it can be something as routine as heading to Central Park or the zoo and out for ice cream, it's fun to "kick things up a notch" every now and again, too.

... and since this is New York City after all, why not a Broadway show?! Quite a few are kid-friendly, but it's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of shows available and different ways to purchase tickets. Thank goodness for Ticketmaster, which has always been our go-to place for event tickets (not just on Broadway). They've re-vamped their website to include Minimasters, a dedicated tab just for family-friendly entertainment. What a great idea!

On the Minimasters page you'll find video show reviews from kids themselves, and for easy searching, categories like music, sports, arts & theater, family & deals (my personal favorite). Special opportunities there include 2 for 1 tickets, Me + 3 4-pack tickets and $40 & below tickets. Hurrah!

You can also order tickets from the convenience of your phone with the Ticketmaster app, which is available on Apple & Android. Ticketmaster also guarantees that the seat you buy is the seat you get with their "Verified Ticket" program, ensuring no chance of counterfeiting.

I can report back that Daddy & daughter had a great time at Aladdin, and the ease of using Minimasters was just a no brainer. Looking ahead this fall, I've already scouted out a few more activities we might like, including Disney on Ice & The Wild Kratts Live! Exposing our kids to live entertainment is such a joy, but nothing compares to that special one-on-one time with them... especially at a time in their lives when their enthusiasm for life is infectious.

Keeping things simple. Living in the moment. Making memories to last a lifetime. That's what it's all about, friends!

I was provided with compensation & a credit on Ticketmaster to purchase tickets. Please note my disclosure policy, but as always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

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