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Turning 4 in NYC: Musicals, Cupcakes & Pizza, Oh My!

My baby girl (no longer my baby) turned FOUR years old last week. I'll spare you all the "How did that happen?!" questions combined with the desire to contemplate life's fleeting moments... for a hot minute. Because seriously, how did that happen?! Sigh.

Lucky for us, Vivian is growing up into a very sweet, caring, funny little girl, & for that we're super thankful. To celebrate her special day, we planned a non-party celebration with two of her buddies. Everything worked out perfectly, and I gotta say, if your child isn't into the idea of a party, it's all good. There are plenty of ways to celebrate in NYC!

First, we headed to a performance of Flight School, presented by the Vital Theatre, and showing this month only at the Marjorie S. Deane Little Theatre on West 64th Street & Central Park West. The Vital is known for their dynamic children's productions, so I knew we wouldn't be disappointed. And truly, how could a show about a penguin who wants to fly not be adorable? The songs were peppy & fun, & all the girls had an opinion about which character was their favorite post-show. And SPOILER: the penguin does fly, with a little help from his friends. Loved the message! To purchase tickets, click HERE.

Afterwards, we headed to Columbus Avenue for two of Vivian's favorite things in this world: pizza & cupcakes. I handed out necklaces & "fancy" headbands & after we had lunch (at a little hole in the wall place -- the best kind -- with a table just big enough for all of us) we headed down to the street to Magnolia's Bakery, because um... cupcakes!

Magnolia's is STILL good after all these years, & it will always hold a special place in my heart. And no, not just because of Sex & The City. I ate banana pudding there on my very first day in NYC, so what can I say, it brings back a whole lot of memories.

I kind of like that it can be part of Vivian's memories now, too. Happy Birthday, my love!

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