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Big Apple Books: A Modern Day Take on NYC's Most Famous 6 Year Old

Everyone knows Eloise. She is as much a part of the fabric of New York City as yellow taxis, hot dog vendors & Tiffany's (list could go on for days, but surprisingly, those were the first three things that came to mind).

But, have you heard about ELLA? This fresh new take on Eloise, a modern day adaptation written with love by Mallory Kasdan, is such fun. Mallory has taken everything that we find affectionately irritating about Eloise & transformed her into Ella, a similarly wise-cracking six year old who lives at a hip hotel in Brooklyn (inspired by Williamsburg's Wythe Hotel). She is the same precocious child, though this time she rides a scooter, has a "manny," and video chats with her absentee mother, a little hint of sadness & complexity still present. This cheeky parody (with vibrant illustration by Marcos Chin), had me chuckling throughout while entertaining the girls at the same time. Hipster, man-bun wearing "artists" sitting on reclaimed wood chairs, it's all in good fun, I promise.

I got a chance to meet up with Mallory recently at Brooklyn Roasters in DUMBO, and had a great time learning how ELLA was brought to life. A visit to the Wythe Hotel for her 40th birthday started the wheels turning, and Mallory, herself a busy mother of two, is excited to bring ELLA to a whole new generation of readers.

If you're interested in living like Ella for a day, check out some of her favorite Brooklyn haunts:

Jane's Carousel (only if a unicorn is available)
Farmacy (what's old is new again, friends)
Ample Hills (simply a MUST. period.)
Streb (trapeze! squeeeee!)
Smorgasburg (without the lines)
Creatively Wild Art Studio (the ideal spot to embrace one's inner artiste)

Big Apple Books continues to be one of my favorite things about maintaining this site, especially when it means I get to connect with local authors like Mallory. I can't wait to see what new projects she develops in the future! In the meantime, visit your local bookstore and pick up a copy of ELLA.

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