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Happy New Year from the Hampton Inn

After a lovely, snowy Christmas visiting Husband's family in Wisconsin (check out some fun pics over on Instagram), we headed home with the goal of making it back to NYC in time to watch the ball drop... from the comfort of our cozy couch. Well, what's that thing that people say? Oh yeah... life doesn't always go according to plan.

Yep. That's our car being towed away from a rest station in rural Pennsylvania. Not exactly what we planned on. Luckily -- and I'll probably say that more than once -- the car decided to break down between two small towns, and not amidst the miles & miles of Pennsylvania interstate where there is literally NOTHING around but deer and trees. So, after calling AAA, a tow truck arrived to haul us to Dubois, PA, and the only auto repair shop still open (it was New Years Eve, you remember). They weren't optimistic about the work needed, but they promised to give it a shot. Which was about all we had to go on for a town quickly closing down to celebrate the new year.

A good Samaritan gave us a lift to a nearby Hampton Inn (again, lucky that our favorite road trip hotel was in this town) & over the next two days, we made the most of our surroundings. On New Years Day, we walked the length of the mall about 10 times & took the girls to see the only kid-friendly movie playing, involving a certain obnoxious chipmunk that will remain nameless. Boredom & feeling anxious about the state of your transportation are weirdly conflicting feelings.

Making the most of a bad situation

Two thumbs up to the Hampton Inn, though. They gave the girls coloring sheets, post cards & crayons, puzzles, & of course, having a pool down the hall wasn't too shabby, either. And yes, they didn't want to leave when the car was finally fixed!

All in all, we got lucky. It was a frustrating process to not know what was happening with our car & when we'd be on our way towards home, but could certainly have been MUCH worse. In the end, what's important is that we were together & as comfortable as possible... in an uncomfortable situation. Thanks to all the Good Samaritans out there & having a comfy place to rest our heads!

I feel like I can finally say HAPPY NEW YEAR and really mean it.

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