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We Did It: A Mid-Winter Break Tale of Survival

Today, NYC public school children return to classrooms after a week off for mid-winter break. This always cracks me up a little, as I'm fairly certain a week off in February doesn't happen anywhere else in the country. So, good on you, kids! As I attempted not to look at Facebook friends jetting off to warmer locales, I planned a few events to keep the gals & I entertained throughout the week. It wasn't all sunshine & lollipops, believe me (whining & burgeoning independence is pure delight!), but we managed to make the most of their time off & I managed to stay sane at the same time. Win, win! Here's a look at a few of the fun things we did during the week:

We love The Museum of Modern Art for many reasons, chief among them that I think it's one of the more accessible museums in the city for kids. Their Art Lab provides all sorts of creative activities for kids, modern art is eye-catching & thought-provoking, their family programs are top notch & they serve wine in the cafeteria. I cannot stress that last part enough. Also, you can get a free membership with your NYC ID!

The Fashion Institute of Technology's new (free) exhibit called "Fairy Tale Fashions" was so much fun! Now through April 16th, you can view a range of couture gowns & accessories that Cinderella & friends would surely have worn. Worth a walk-through if you're in the area. We capped off our afternoon with a trip to Doughnut Plant a few blocks away (no need for explanation here).

Over the weekend, we checked out the The Lowline Lab, which is testing out a plan to grow & sustain plant-life underground. The eventual site will be in a (nearby) historic underground trolley station on the Lower East Side, and the results are pretty stunning. Also, I spotted Spanish Moss, which I haven't seen since my last visit home to South Carolina. Pretty neat... can't wait to learn & see more as this project develops. Also, a trip to this 'hood is not complete without a stop to Economy Candy.

Between all that & some good ol-fashioned tree climbing, it was time for school to start again. WHEW. Have a great week, friends!

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