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Screen Time: Precious Cargo, the Hilarious New Web Series

There's a large contingent of NYC families who find themselves planning their children's futures while they're still in the womb -- which exclusive preschool they'll attend, and once born, they're eyeing up fancy private schools; even the ivy leagues! Nursery University was a fascinating documentary on the subject. I can't say I fall into this category myself (sighs of relief at my kids' amazing public school), but living in the city, I'm certainly not immune to the crazy that takes over a certain demographic once they've produced a little one.

Precious Cargo, a new web series on Vimeo, takes a hilarious look at those parents pushing their kids into the big leagues of NYC private schools from a unique perspective: the tutors they've hired to achieve that goal. Played by Lauren Singerman & Sasha Kaye (both former tutors themselves), the series explores the differences between New Yorkers who have it all and those just struggling to get by.

Lauren explains,“Our experience as tutors seemed a perfect jumping-off point into a fictionalized world that we could use to tell that story.”

With a new episode airing each week, it's definitely worth a look. I'm loving the fresh and quirky cast of characters (including the child actors, who are surprisingly good), and I'm rooting for Lisa to find her way. If I had to describe it in terms of film & tv, I'd say The Nanny Diaries meets Odd Mom Out?

Check out the trailer here, and turn into Vimeo each week to catch the complete series!

PRECIOUS CARGO Web Series Trailer from Precious Cargo on Vimeo.

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