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The Adventures of Sara Sadie

It's been quite a week, to put it lightly. There is a great amount of uncertainty in our country at the moment, and I find myself filled with anxious energy // sadness // dread, you name it. As we all struggle with this new normal (and brainstorm ways to make positive change), I wanted to spread a bit of love and creativity on my little corner of the Internet.

One of the things I enjoy most about Instagram is being introduced to all the talented, artistic people in my industry and elsewhere. There are a whole lot of amazing creators out there, and one of them is Kate Vallon, the creator of Sara Sadie.

An   industrial designer and artist, Kate was inspired to create the characters of Sara Sadie and Gran based on her relationship with her own grandmother (who happens to live just a few blocks away from Kate here in NYC). Each of her drawings are hand-painted, scanned then digitized on photos Kate takes around the city. And what adventures they have together! Why Sara Sadie has even had tea with Millie before (see last photo)... 

Over coffee with Kate a few weeks ago, I was excited to learn that there is more in store for Sara Sadie and Gran beyond Instagram. Methinks you'll be seeing a lot more of Miss Sara Sadie in the future... In the meantime, though, we'll enjoy seeing her on Instagram (and don't forget to check out the free printables that are currently available on her website). Too cute!

Her whimsical nature, curiosity, smarts and flair for fashion make Sara Sadie one of my favorite feeds on Instagram. Check her out!

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