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Happy New Year with Zazzle's Holiday Card Collection

Happy New Year, friends!

2017 has arrived, and after an eventful, sometimes upsetting/sometimes amazing year, I think we can all say we're glad it's here. Last month, with all the holiday hoopla, I admit that I let sending cards out slip by the wayside... same goes for last year & the year before that! I don't know, it just seems like ONE MORE THING to deal with in an already overstuffed month of fun & celebration.

So, Happy New Year cards it is (and if they arrive by the end of the month, that's okay, right?) Hope so. For all you procrastinating card-senders, I'm a big fan of Zazzle & their customizable cards/stamps/address labels... actually, you want to put your name on just about anything... and they most likely have it! 

I ordered my cards this morning & I was so happy with how easy the process was for customizing photos & text. Hmm... wonder which one I chose --it's among the fun designs below!

This handwritten design is filled with personality:

Everyone needs more gold accents in their life:

I think I'm going to start saying "super awesome wonder-is-tic jolly-happy-docious."

It will be the best year ever... did you hear that, 2017?!

Zazzle currently has a 15% off site-wide sale happening, so this is a great time to pick up your new years cards & surprise your friends with a little happy in their mailbox in a couple weeks. 

Here's to an amazing 2017!

Disclosure: I was provided with shopping credit for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.

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