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Kidmoto: New Family Car Service for NYC Airports

NYC families, I feel sure you'll be able to relate to this one.

We all know airline travel can be stressful with children, but one such frustration occurs long before you arrive at your gate: the should-be-simple act of GETTING to the airport! 

Many car services do not provide infant or booster car seats, which leaves you installing one on your own (studies show a hefty percentage of us are doing it incorrectly), uninstalling when you arrive, then lugging car seat through airport and on to your destination. The same goes for families who may be traveling to NYC for vacation, except worse as they likely won't need a car seat for day to day getting around the city. They might be deterred from visiting altogether because the idea of installing and uninstalling car seats in cabs is as daunting as not using one at all (a common yet crazy practice here in the city).

Long story short, the fact that there aren't more options for families with young children traveling to/from the airport has always baffled me. So needless to say I was thrilled to learn about Kidmoto, a new service providing just that: reliable, safe transportation for your travel to/from NYC airports. Drivers are specifically trained and your vehicle arrives pre-installed and harnessed and ready to go.
With the Kidmoto app (also available on Google Play), book your travel easily by requesting exactly what kind of car seat you need, type of car, etc. Up to 4 car seats are available in a single car for those traveling with large families.

Our experience was great, and let me just mention a few extras, as Nelson Nigel, our driver and the CEO of Kidmoto, has really thought of everything. Vivian got car sick on the way to the airport (a really great way to start vacation!), which I was completely unprepared for. Nelson had bags for just this occasion in the back seat, and I was able to grab one just in time. He even had Water Wipes to aid in cleaning her up! Then, on the other end of our trip, he was ready with an umbrella to get us to our door in the pouring down rain. This is all on top of a very safe and secure ride to/from the airport.

So happy to know about Kidmoto & share with all of you! If you're interested in trying out the service for yourself, use BABYMEETSCITY and receive $20 off each ride (this code is good for a year). Safe travels this summer!

Disclosure: I was provided with Kidmoto credit in exchange for this review. All opinions herein are my own.

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