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Summer Staple: A Day at Coney Island & Luna Park

NYC public school began today, and with that, the unofficial end of summer is upon us. There are lots of emotions happening around here... the girls were excited for school to start one minute and dreading it the next. I was mostly filled with glee (hee hee). Luckily, though, we really had a pretty great summer. Our California road trip was definitely the highlight (that post will come one of these days soon, I hope), along with seeing our families in Wisconsin and Georgia. And as always, we made sure to visit some NYC summer staples, like Governor's Island and Coney Island. Especially with the latter, it doesn't truly feel like summer unless I've had a little boardwalk under my feet.

Here are a few pics from our recent visit to Coney and Luna Park (I braved more rides than I ever have before and lived to tell about it). Luna Park actually stays open until October 29th (their Halloween Harvest begins 9/16), so the fun doesn't have to stop once school is back in session! If you go, don't forget to check out the Coney Island Art Walls, too (although they're only open until the end of September).

Photo credit to Husband on a few of these, and thanks to Luna Park for hosting us for the day. Their all day wrist band is a great deal if you're a ride-loving family!

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