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Filling in the gaps with Kidpass

On the occasional weekend & school holiday (or non-camp days over the summer), when we have nothing official planned, I find myself sometimes paralyzed by choice on what to do with the girls. This is New York City, after all. If we're not checking out a museum or a new playground in a different part of town, we might just be hanging out at home or in our neighborhood (which is perfectly fine, I'm not in to over-scheduling kids).  

Sometimes, though, I'd like for the girls to try a new activity and/or pursue something they have an interest in, without having to commit to a semester or block of classes. I want them to be able to have that freedom to explore and try new things first, while also filling our free days with a fun new activity. I've recently found a platform that fits those needs perfectly: Kidpass

Trying out an art class at The Paint Place

Have you heard of this site? For a monthly fee (there are 3 membership plan options), you'll receive a certain number of credits to access hundreds of classes and activities around the city. With plenty of search options, you can easily find classes to fit every child's interests (from infants through teenagers)! This summer, the girls attended a painting day camp at The Paint Place, we checked out the animal "zoo" at Art Farm in the City and on Election Day, we made chocolate "flags" at Chocolate Works. And honestly that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of classes and experiences for kids. 

Saying hi to the bunnies at Art Farm in the City
Right now, you can try your first month of Kidpass for $19, and I highly recommend it! In addition to filling the gaps in your schedule with fun activities that you might not normally try, it can also be a way for your child to discover a new talent or interest. Ever wanted to try fencing? Gymnastics? Learn to DJ? With Kidpass, the possibilities are endless.

Creating chocolate "flags" at Chocolate Works UWS

I'm thrilled to share Kidpass with all of you -- check out this excellent new resource for parents and let me know what you think!

Disclosure: I was given a temporary membership in order to review Kidpass and its offerings. All opinions herein are my own.

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