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Plan Ahead: Free Arts NYC Benefit on September 30!

We all know there are a million ways to give back and support organizations that are dedicated to investing in the needs of under-served children. But if I may, I'd like to introduce one more. Free Arts NYC empowers NYC youth, many of whom are living in shelters, through art and mentoring programs that develop their creativity, confidence and skills to succeed. The organization has positively impacted over 32,000 children and families and will only continue, thanks in part to community support like Kidsfest 2018, which takes place on Sunday, September 30th from 10-2pm at Sotheby's.

Hosted by the hilarious and lovely Jill Kargman (who else is bummed that Odd Mom Out won't be coming back for a 4th season?!), event proceeds will benefit the amazing work of Free Arts NYC. It promises to be a super fun event for the whole family, and an awesome way to give back at the same time.

If setting your kids loose in an incredible venue, surrounded by Pony Cycle pony rides, Big Apple Circus entertainment, face painting, hair braiding, screen printing, art activities run by local artists and museums (the list goes ON and ON) sounds the least bit appealing - well, you've come to the right place.

Ticket info can be found HERE and we'll see you on Sunday, September 30th. Here's to making sure the arts are available to EVERY child in NYC.

Looking forward! 🎨🎨

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