Hey NYC! How about a New 'Do from Nexxus?

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It's amazing what a great new hair cut can do to your self esteem & general well being. I got mine cut a few weeks ago and I feel SO much better. Falling into the every-day-pony-tail rut, it was time for a change. I left the salon feeling ten pounds lighter and hipper and less harried mom who walks out of the house with stains all over her shirt (though let's face it, that still happens). In any case, spending a little time on your hair is well worth the time and money, IMHO. I stopped by Duane Reade yesterday to pick up some new hair gel to keep this coif looking styled and not too crazy in the summer heat. What can I say, it feels a little luxurious knowing that Nexxus uses a caviar complex to replenish your hair... and I love the convenience of buying salon products at my local drug store!

On that topic, here's a little fun for my fellow New Yorkers: Nexxus is sponsoring a Salon Care Sweepstakes for shoppers of Walgreens & Duane Reade in NYC (and if you purchase 2 or more Nexxus products either today or tomorrow, you'll get 10,000 flash rewards points- woohoo!)

The lucky winner of this sweepstakes will win a salon experience with celebrity stylist Kevin Mancuso. Not too shabby, right? Entering is pretty simple, as you'll see below. Simply purchase any full-size product from Walgreens or Duane Reade, and be sure to keep your receipt! There you'll find an entry code. Then, head to nexxusNYsalonsweeps.com to submit your code between now and July 30th when the sweepstakes ends. Alternatively, snap a photo of your purchased product and text it to Nexxus@trynow.me.

This experience is valued at $1000 but will leave you feeling like a million bucks, no question. I'm entering, are you?!

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Celebrating the Almost-End-of-Diapers-Era with Pampers Easy Ups

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With two small children in the house, we've gone through our fair share of diapers in the last five years. And now that Vivian is in the final stages of potty training (she only wears an easy up at night), with the help of Pampers I thought it might be fun to have a little party for a few of our friends and their kids who are in varying stages of potty training. We all know the road to underpants can be a long, wet (!) and challenging one, so why not just celebrate where we are now, right?

We had so much fun! Vivi's little friends will be moving into training pants soon, so she had a good time showing them their goodie bags: new easy up training pants & a potty training book! We celebrated this milestone over muffins, popcorn & fruit (kid food staples) & the other moms & I commiserated over this "journey" that can at times seem never-ending.
Here's a couple things I've learned about Pampers & through the experience myself:
- You can't push them! When your child is ready, he/she will let you know. If you try to start before they're ready, you'll be investing in a lot of paper towels.
- Easy Ups are a great "diaper-to-underwear" transition. Their underwear-like design is encouraging to kids while keeping accidental messes off clothing, bedding, etc.
- A little bribery never hurt anyone. Vivian has definitely been encouraged to use the potty when I've told her she could have a special treat afterwards. It's all about making it a routine!
- Pampers Easy Ups has an absorbent core that holds 25% more than other leading training pants to help ensure little ones remain dry. And with 12 hours of protection, it works during the day and NIGHT, which is key for us.
- Starting the potty training process in summer is ideal: the less clothes you have to deal with, the better!

Wherever you are in the process, I wish you luck! Just remember positive reinforcement is so important. And, accidents happen. But they happen less with Pampers, fortunately! 
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A New Partnership: Spending the Summer with Equinox

When I think Equinox, I must admit the first image that comes to my mind is beautiful people perspiring (beautiful people don't sweat, of course). I don't immediately think awesome kids' programming, and perhaps mama losing a pound or two. That's about to change, as I've got some exciting news to share: 

This summer, I've partnered with Equinox to help document and share their amazing programs and classes for kids. And after touring their beautiful, airy space on the Upper West Side, and seeing children so happy & engaged, I'm even more thrilled to be a part of this program.

Here are a few brief facts:
*  For starters, there are 2 Equinox locations in Manhattan that offer "For Kids Only" programming (160 Columbus Avenue & 330 East 61st Street).

*  Absolutely yes, you can drop off your kids (ages 3 months - 7 years) while you work out. Done. Your kids will engage in cooperative games, tumbling, dramatic play, crafts, computers and science while you work out. Woohoo!

*  "For Kids Only" operates as a play space where you (or caregiver) can come with your baby/child and play together. This is a wonderful indoor play space alternative, especially during the long winter months. You don't have to be a member to take part in this feature, either (please speak directly to the gym about exact hours and times that this is available).

*  Consider Equinox when your child is of preschool age - they also operate an Enrichment/Preschool Alternative program. Who knew, right? The program is led by a former teacher & administrator who has a clear passion for children and their early education. Three age-group programs are available: Little Steps (ages 16-23 months); Stepping Stones 2's (2-3 years); Next Step 3's (3-4 years).

*  Lastly, there is tons of specialized instruction: basketball, dance, tennis, swimming, yoga, art & music... oh my! Truly an amazing experience for your children (and you, of course, if you choose to work out while they're taking part in any of these activities).

That's the plan this summer (the girls are interested in tennis & play clinics), and I look forward to sharing with you about the full range of our experience... even down to the shampoo in the bathroom. Because those are good facts to know, too.

Here's to being healthy & having fun with Equinox


Nutrition Simplified with Olly Vitamins

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Anyone with kids knows that if one kid gets sick, the writing is on the wall. Every family member will be going down at some point. And, that's basically what happened to us beginning Memorial Day weekend. First it was Millie: fevers on & off for five days, a nasty cough, loads of sleep, lack of appetite. After missing two extra days of school, she bounced back, but just in time to pass the virus to her sister. Vivian: rinse & repeat. Then it was Mommy & Daddy's turn, minus the fevers. Whew.

Now, while vitamins are no magic cure, it did get me thinking while we were sick that we could all use a daily multi-vitamin to boost our immune systems. Have you heard of Olly Vitamins? This multi-vitamin (made with natural flavors & colors) is sold online and at Target, and is perfect for the whole family. Their Kids' Multi + Probiotic is a blend of vitamins A, C, D, E, Bs & Zinc, combined with a boost of probiotics, which help support healthy belly bacteria and a strong immune system. They come in gummy form and the girls love the taste. They honestly think it's dessert after dinner time - ha!

-- crown not included --

Husband and I are currently trying out the adult versions: the Perfect Women's Multi (why thank you for thinking that, Olly!) and the Perfect Men's Multi. We kind of think they taste delicious, too, though our dessert usually comes in the form of ice cream after the little gals are in bed. In any case, now that we're - errr - advancing in age, taking a daily vitamin is really a smart idea. I also like that Olly offers a few more choices for adults, ranging from aid with digestion and sleep to keeping those bones strong and healthy.

Now, here's some additional fun news from Olly... to help spread the word about their vitamin-goodness, they're hosting a SPA DAY sweepstakes on their website! One grand prize winner will receive a day spa package for themselves & a friend, a six month supply of Olly Vitamins, and a personal wellness consultation with Olly's resident nutritionist. How fun! Now, don't despair... if you don't win, you could possibly take home an Olly product of your choosing, as they're giving away 100 of those!

CLICK HERE to learn more & sign up for this FAB prize from Olly Vitamins. Good luck!

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A Slice of Our Life: Summertime Essentials

I can't believe June is finally here. It seems I wait all year long for warm weather to appear, and then when it finally does... I'm utterly at a loss for words. This is what 9 months of cold weather will do to a person. To celebrate summer's arrival, I wanted to just share some of my favorite brands and/or items I've encountered recently, all of which we'll be wearing or using this summer. A public service announcement from Baby Meets City -- take it with a grain of salt or go on a shopping spree, it's up to you!

Swimsuit Ready

Summer means the sprinklers are on at the park and we'll be hitting a pool (let's hope the beach, too, at some point). When I think Garnet Hill, I immediately think towels and duvet covers, but did you know they have an adorable line of children's clothes and accessories? This season's swim collection is TOO CUTE, and I love this alternative to a traditional one piece:

Girl's Got Wheels

I'm excited to work with Electra Bikes later in the summer as they launch a new kids' line, but in the meantime, Millie will be rolling with her current bike. We love Bern helmets for a multitude of reasons, the first of which is it's comfortable to wear, and all that extra padding means extra support as well. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Bern supplies an easy guide for picking the right size helmet for your child, and well, this flower design with lid is kind of awesome.

Pounding the Pavement, er, Playgrounds

No, we're not sending them out looking for a job just yet. But, we do plan on having an active summer of PLAY (I'm going to try my best to practice this), so comfortable, light, airy shoes are key. I love that we basically wear Bogs all year round! We trek all winter long in our Bogs boots, so it's refreshing to note they make other footwear, where comfort and durability are most important. Their kids' sandal line is made for the playground. And how cute are these red shoes for mama?

Preppy Perfection

What can I say, little girls are fun to dress. And while I realize the day is drawing near where everything they'll want to wear is bedazzled with unicorns and sequins, I'm happy that they'll pretty much still dress in whatever I give them in the morning. For instance, J. McClaughlin, which is famous for their preppy, classic clothing, has produced a limited edition children's line -- and it's so lovely! The patterns are PERFECT for summer, and the fabric feels so soft and comfy.

Happy start to summer! School will be out before we know it, and then things will REALLY be legit. Stay tuned for  more details on an exciting summer partnership coming up! Also, we have to MOVE (within the city). More on both soon...


Squeaky Clean with SoCozy Hair & Skin Products

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I don't know about you, but I love reading about women-owned businesses that are flourishing... especially when it's a product and/or business that I've experienced personally. This is the case with SoCozy, a chain of children's hair salons here in NYC. The girls have been to her Upper West Side location for hair cuts, and I can say having had nightmare tales to tell in the past, SoCozy is a "cut" above (sorry, couldn't resist)!
Naturally, I was thrilled to hear that Cozy Friedman has taken things to the next level and introduced a line of hair products for children. First, the nuts and bolts: SoCozy products are non-toxic and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, propylene glycol, gluten, wheat or nuts. I'll be honest, I was not much of a label reader before having kids, but things changed quickly when the littles came along. I love when a brand believes in natural care without "the nasties."

The girls are big fans of bath time so were excited to try out the line, especially the Mango-Go 3 in 1 shampoo + conditioner + body wash. Love anything that simplifies our routine (and smells great, too)! Millie wears her hair in a pony tail on days she has swimming lessons, so we've also found the Behave styling cream to come in handy. Her hair isn't quite long enough for a great pony tail, so this cream helps every hair stay in place. And, while the girls haven't experienced lice yet (did I just jinx myself?), there's a lice preventative treatment available as well.

Here's a fun announcement: you don't have to be in NYC to purchase SoCozy products for yourself -- they're now available at Target! In fact, to celebrate the announcement, I'd love to share this $3 digital coupon with you so that your kids can try out this product line as well. It's not every day you meet a company whose vision for children align with your own, that is, to build confidence and inspire originality. And I kind of love that.

Disclosure: I received products to review and compensation from SoCozy for this post. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


Groceries Made Simple w/ Peapod (& a giveaway!)

I've lived in NYC for 15 years this August, (how did THAT happen?!) and while there are countless benefits to living in this lil' ol' town, grocery shopping is probably not one of them. Unless, of course, you happen to live within a few blocks of a fabulous store just teeming with fresh produce. Unfortunately, that's not always the case, and if you live in a 5th floor walkup, for instance, lugging groceries up stairs is the last thing you want to do. Like, ever. Or, alternatively, if you have any number of small individuals living in your home...

Enter Peapod to the rescue! Peapod offers the best of the suburban grocery store without having to move to the suburbs. I recently gave it a try, and had the best time filling my cart with all sorts of heavy things that I usually lug home from the store. At Peapod, you'll find everything from grocery basics to farm-fresh produce, party trays, rotisserie chickens, pet supplies... you name it. And to celebrate our amazing city, Peapod also offers specialties from local purveyors like Balthazar Bakery, Brooklyn Bread and Grumpy Johns, to name a few.

Making it even easier to order, Peapod offers an app so you can order right from your phone, the ability to auto-fill your most ordered items, and the benefits of GatheredTable, which can build a weekly meal plan and add all the ingredients to your shopping cart automatically.

Care to give Peapod a try? You've come to the right place! For my local readers, I'm offering a $100 gift card so you can try Peapod for yourself. See Rafflecopter instructions below, and I'll pick a winner next week. Local readers within the 5 boroughs only, please.

Good luck! Here's to making shopping easy peasy. Sorry, couldn't resist...

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I received a gift code to review this service. All opinions expressed herein are my own. Photo credit: Peapod website

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