a few more pre-baby musings

While I still have the time to string a thought together...

Am happy to report that (on average) 7 times out of 10 I'm given a seat on the subway... I'd say the majority of the time from men, which may be suprising to some. Of course, there are the obvious examples of "New York rude," as my father-in-law would put it. On one occasion, as I make my way through a crowded bus, I am stopped only by two elderly ladies, asking if I'd like their seat. Let's also not forget the two Wall Street types on the subway, who blatently ignored my protruding stomach, in line quite perfectly with their rimmed eyeglasses. Lady standing next to me leans over and says, "Their wives would be so ashamed." Ah, well.

Pregnancy brain is real. Ask Husband.

Quotes from the street:

A homeless lady began to ask me for a hand out the other day, but when she noticed my stomach, only said, "Save your money for the baby." A classic NYC moment, from a pregnant woman's perspective.

The Pakistani man who operates the fruit stand by my office tells me this baby is "a gift." I agree.

Random strangers asking if I'm carrying twins. Not happy about this. For the record, the answer is no.


a blog prologue

So... Baby S hasn't actually arrived yet. With less than a week before my due date, Husband and I are finding it pretty hard to think about anything else but Little One's impending arrival. Looking around our cozy (translation: tiny) apartment, I still find it hard to believe that there will be another person joining us soon... but the SUV stroller (on lend from a very generous friend), swing, perfectly sweet crib and old dresser converted into changing table beg to differ. Oh, and the fact that the stomach and I can't get off the couch unassisted.

We are beyond excited while nervous/anxious/overwhelmed at the same time; can you tell we're first time parents? Just referring to myself as the "M" word is a tough one to tackle. Oh, the responsibility... the decisions... the worry that will manifest once this child appears. Whew. Husband reminds me to breathe and hormones prevent me from thanking him for this sage advice.

There are plenty of people who've wondered aloud HOW ON EARTH we could possibly raise a child in the Big Apple. This does wonders for the confidence, let me tell you. I do understand, however, that unless you live here it would be difficult to imagine. I have to mention that the sheer number of strollers on the street causes me to sigh in relief... and no, I don't think I ever noticed their abundance until I became pregnant. The truth is, I do feel that despite the obvious "spacial issues" and traffic noise that may indeed keep the baby from sleeping at times, I think NYC is a very livable city for families. I look forward to taking our child to the Museum of Natural History, Central Park, to book fairs and Broadway shows. He/she will grow up with an understanding of other cultures just by virtue of living in the melting pot that is New York City. That makes me happy. Now, it's entirely possible that we'll get fed up with the lack of space and begin to actually yearn for a lawn mower, driveway and close proximity to Target. It is possible. But for now, in this time and place, we are urbanites looking for the best way to raise our baby in this great metropolis.

The adventure will begin soon... and I do believe (hope) we're up to the challenge.
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