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dreaming of spring...

I could really, REALLY do with an end to winter. As in now. Right this very minute. Are you listening, Mother Nature?

Baby S has been struggling with a cold for nearly two weeks, and I have to say there might not be anything more pitiful than seeing your baby's red eyes and runny nose. Oh, and listening to a cough that could wake a hibernating bear. After calling her doctor and perusing the internet, we purchased a humidifier for her nursery, saline solution & (for lack of a better term) an electronic "booger sucker" made by Graco. Genius! Well, not so much. I have to say it's helped a little, but has not been the magic solution I thought it would be. No, apparently the biggest suggestion for a baby's cold is... patience.

First problem with this: I am terribly IMpatient. Ten years of living in NYC will do it to even the most slow-moving Southern ex-pat. The Big Apple prides itself on convenience -- most everything is JUST around the corner. I can get in an out of the grocery store and home in under 20 minutes. Restaurants from every cuisine you could possibly think of are at our fingertips (often that's the phone...) or literally within a few blocks of our apartment. Subways take you anywhere you go and are (for the most part) reliable. The F Train is another story. The flip side of convenience is, of course, I no longer like to wait. For anything. Needless to say, this patience issue always makes my New Years resolution list. And we all know how those often turn out!

So, as we wait (with teeth gritted) for Baby S to feel better, maybe I'll get some of those household projects done around the apartment... or maybe I'll just dream about spring.

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Anonymous said...

Since I raised my babies in So Cal, I've always wondered how mothers with babies in cold climates manage without taking them outside all day?!! This is an admirable feat, and I commend you and all NYC moms!

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