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Full disclosure: I'm a bargain shopper. While I've alluded to this in a previous post, I'm now declaring it for all to hear (um... read). Who doesn't love a deal? I cannot tell you the satisfaction I get out of seeing an item marked down, especially if it's a name brand. There was a time when I might have been embarrassed about my thrifty eye, but those days are long gone. Smart shopping is practical and, in this economy, necessary. Though I suspect that even if I won the lottery, I would still find myself shopping for deals...

Now, everyone knows that New York City is expensive. I work in SoHo and enjoy nothing more than window shopping past fantastic-looking boutiques during my lunch hour. Key words there are, of course, window shopping... I rarely enter for fear of passing out at the pricetags inside.

Baby S has opened up a whole new world to me in terms of clothes shopping. I love the sweet baby boys in my life, but my goodness, baby girls have the CUTEST clothes imaginable. Which brings me back to bargain shopping... it goes without saying that I want to dress Baby S in the most adorable threads out there, but I can't bring myself to pay boutique prices.

Enter Daffy's... I've only shopped at the location on Broadway, but let me just say, they have incredible markdowns on high end labels-- Angel Dear, Room Seven, Laura Ashley, the list goes on... if you like smocked outfits, there are plenty of those as well. I literally have to keep myself planted to my desk at lunch because if I cross the entrance of that store, I will-- for sure-- exit with yet another outfit for Baby S.

Photos of recent purchases to come...

Next shopping review: Clementine Consignment:  -- Love this store!

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