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recipe for a good start

So here's the thing... I cannot remember the last time I bought Ragu spaghetti sauce. The reputation, whether real or imagined, is that it lacks flavor. While I'm a proud bargain shopper (see here) sometimes an item being cheap actually means, well, it's cheap.

Okay, so I'm a snobby sauce buyer, I'll admit it. With that said, I was still excited to have been invited to the launch of a new program Ragu has created called "Recipe For A Good Start." Molly Ringwald (love her!) is the face of the campaign, along with registered dietitian Felicia Stoler and Food Network chef Marcela Valladolid. The goal is simple: to bring families together through cooking and eating dinner around the kitchen table. They believe cooking can open up the lines of communication within families and help them stay connected. Over a bowl of pasta. Or, one of the other many recipes you can make with Ragu (see suggestions on their website). While at the event, we heard from Molly and Felicia, made a lasagna with one of Ragu's test kitchen chefs, then dined on a variety of different dishes (all made with, you guessed it, Ragu). Marcela played hostess at the table, and she was lovely. Here's the thing, it didn't taste half bad.

Sure, it's a marketing campaign (which includes a recipe contest found here). The end result is, of course, to make money. But it's kind of why I unabashedly watched the "Secret Millionaire" show that was on last year. Yes, it's basically free advertising for that millionaire's company, but at least they did some good in the process. So, putting aside my previous notions, and armed with my new lasagna dish, recipe cards, Table Talk game, etc (yeah, yeah, the gift bag was a persuasive technique) I'm going to give Ragu a shot. I like their mission. While we've got a while to go before Baby S joins us at the kitchen table (umm... and we have a kitchen that's big enough for a table), we both feel strongly about the idea of dinnertime with the family. That's an idea I can get behind.


Unknown said...

found you from MBC...great site!

Maureen Lee said...

Thanks for this post on Ragu. I, too, share your thoughts on Ragu - in fact, the only time I bought it was for my eldest daughter, who loves it! But we usually make spaghetti sauce from scratch (yes, we're sauce snobs). However, you've made me a convert of Ragu. I agree, athough this is a brilliant marketing campaign, the important point is that it's also doing some good in the process. Thanks for sharing this with us! :)

ellen said...

Thanks, ladies! Glad you enjoyed the post and blog in general. I look forward to viewing yours as well... cheers!

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