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spin (for) the bottle

Husband and I have a pretty good system going in terms of who does what with Baby S. For middle of the night feedings, we switch off. If one of us is particularly tired or working late, the other picks up the slack. Daytime feedings are a breeze. It's a fair and balanced agreement so successful I think we could teach a seminar.

This is going to shock all of no one, but yes, changing poopie diapers are another story. I know, you're dumbfounded... Husband will be the first to agree that I handle the bulk of responsibility in this department. He will do it if forced, but the look of sheer terror in his eyes is usually enough of a reason for me to take over. Although, I have to say, hearing the series of exclamations coming out of his mouth as he changes a particularly messy diaper is pure comedy. Baby S usually finds it pretty amusing, too.

Thus cometh The Wheel of Responsibility (when I say that out loud, I really wish I had a megaphone for some reason...) Given to me by my dear friend Darley, I have to say, it's pretty genius. Sure, it's mostly for comic relief, but Husband and I have already used it a few times when a dirty diaper is up for grabs. Obviously this will work for all manner of things, including feedings, getting baby dressed, etc. etc. Where the spinner goes, nobody knows, which is part of the fun... and even more fun when it lands on DAD. Hee hee.

Note: I'm thinking this is a pretty hilarious baby shower gift idea. I did a simple Google search, and there are a whole slew of companies that have it for sale...


Unknown said...

at our house whoever smells the poopy diaper first and says "not it" gets out of the diaper change :)

Lindsay Wells said...

We could still use one with a three year old. Love it!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I had to babysit twin baby girls (3 1/2 months old) last night and my Husband and I had to swap babies back and forth. (While our 3 kids watched the other two girls..yes, add that up we have 3, we babysat 4 = 7 kids!)
I'm glad there wasn't a poopy diaper, otherwise it would have been ALL mine!

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