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i'll have the pureed zucchini, please

In short, Baby S is not taking to solid food. I'll leave the less-than-thrilling details out, but sufficed to say, she's not a fan. At all. And we have the stains to prove it. The general advice, after checking the Internet and talking to family/friends and anyone who will listen seems to be "try, try again." Ugh... though nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose? We'll keep foraging on, with images of a pea-covered-Baby S dancing in our heads. We'll need those photos to embarrass her with when she's a teenager, of course.

When we DO finally convince her that the world of semi-adult food isn't all that terrible, I want to try out GustOrganics, an organic restaurant here in NYC. Not because I'm all that healthy a consumer (let's face it, after a less-than-pleasant Baby S throwing up experience on Saturday, Husband and I felt we deserved Lucky's Famous Burgers for dinner).

No, on this dining out occasion with Baby S, we'll be ordering her baby food off the menu. That's right, off the menu. And it won't be in a jar, either. There's baked squash. Tenderloin beef puree. Macaroni. Lest we forget dessert, there's Banana & Dulche de Leche. All made with 100% USDA certified organic ingredients (and they deliver, too). That last little nugget officially falls under the category: Why Didn't I Think of it First? You can find the detailed menu here.

I can't imagine this would be a weekly outing (it's rather expensive & the word 'messy' comes to mind), but I do think it would be fun to try once. After all, Baby S does get quite curious when we're in a restaurant and she sees us eating. I think this time I'll be the one curious about her food...


liz said...

What a fun and neat idea! If only I lived near a progressive big city... Enjoy!

Heather said...

Oh don't stress about the solids. She'll eat it when she's ready. ;) As long as you keep offering it, she'll get the hang of it!

Unknown said...

I'd invest in a "real" bib--the plastic ones with sleeves that are worn more like armor than some soft little cloth with a cute quip on it.

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