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daddy dearest


Thank you for making those noises when you change a messy diaper.

Thank you for considering the purchase of a weapon to shine when our daughter's dates come by to pick her up one day.

Thank you for channeling your inner-child to make our baby giggle at the drop of a hat.

Thank you for stepping in whenever needed and telling me to take a deep breath daily when necessary.

Thank you for that look in your eye when you look at her, because it's priceless.

Thank you for exceeding my expectations.  I could not do this whole parenthood thing without you (and my hat is OFF to all the single mums & dads out there).

Thank you for loving every minute of this journey we're on.

Happy first Father's Day!


liz said...

Happy 1st Father's Day!

Anonymous said...

There is NOTHING more gratifying on earth than knowing you chose a good father for your children.

ellen said...

Thanks, Liz... I will pass that along. :) And Sonja, you are absolutely right!

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