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review: the flexibath

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We had a great one; details to come on that (please try and contain your excitement...)

Baby S has grown overnight and we've tearfully said goodbye to her very first baby "lounge chair" bath seat and fold-up tub. Thus, it was time to step up our game in the bath tub arena. I first wrote about the Flexibath here and I have been waiting with baited breath patiently for it to arrive in US stores ever since (it's manufactured in Denmark). The collapsible bath tub animation on their website drew me in, and I have to say I've watched it oh, at least a dozen times since first reading this review. For starters (and the main reason for purchase), it's a major space saver. Once folded, the tub fits easily into our "hall" closet. Vestibule? Anyway, like most New Yorkers, space-saving items are key in our current apartment.

Having actually used the tub now, here are my initial thoughts: it's super easy to fold in & out, looks uniform & modern (nothing against those giant blue whale-replica tubs, but good grief) and the best thing about it- Baby S loves it! Girlfriend also loves soaking mummy with water, but this comes with the territory.

** One major thing to note: I really wish they had put treads on the bottom of the tub. It would have been easy to do. Baby S has the tendency to scoot around pretty easily as she is splashing me with water and chewing on Sophie. I've found that if I don't fill the water as high, this is less likely to happen. So obviously this goes without saying, but for all tubs of every make, color, nationality & creed- keep a hold of your Little One while he/she is in there splashing away. All in all, though, definitely happy with the purchase, and not just for the strangely mesmerizing animation on their website.

If you are interested in purchasing, I found the Flexibath at Brooklyn's own My Strollers. From Denmark to Brooklyn. Go figure.

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