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well, imagine that...

It didn't take Husband and I long to figure out that children's music can be, let's face it, truly awful. 9 months in to this journey called Parenthood, and we've already heard plenty of the cheese offered up as the latest and greatest for our baby's ears. Producers seem to have forgotten one important thing, however... we have to listen to it, too. And we're a little less forgiving.

This is why I say THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Brian Gossett, who compiled a collection of indie songs for both you and your child to enjoy. Judging from his website, I'm betting he was a fan of the mix tape as much as I was back in the day. Imagine That! Music for Hip Moms & Dads has two volumes and is available for download here and here. All tunes are certifiably "G" rated and totally fun. I recognized a few of them, but most are new discoveries. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have. Cheers!

Some of my faves:
Three Little Birds by Elizabeth Mitchell
It's A Big World by Renee & Jeremy
Everyday by Rogue Wave
Catch the Moon by Lisa Loeb & Elizabeth Mitchell

For all of you road-tripping to Grandma's this summer... you're welcome. :)


Susan DiMickele said...

Hello from a fellow working mom -- great to find you and God bless. I can relate to the "crazy" life and have even just written a book about it. Hang in there! I love NY!

Ron Cooper said...

Hi Ellen!

Thanks for following my blog, “Inspire!” Stop by any time!

My latest inspirational postings include “8 Tips for Successful Living,” “Celebrate,” “Springtime Beauty,” “The Power,” “The Triumphant Heart,” and “Pure Love.”

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